The Original Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Project is a private project that aims to protect the pure breed of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs. We believe in freedom of speech and our mission to reveal the truth about dishonest breeders and puppy mills.

The project is in no way associated with any official breed club. Data and photos are provided by volunteers. If you want to make corrections, send new photos or request removal of incorrect data / photos, please contact us.

If the future of the breed is also important to you, consider supporting the project.

Paskutiniai parodų rezultatai

2020-03-08Vilniaus taurė'2020 (LT)
2020-03-07Lithuanian Winner'202 (LT)
2020-03-07NDS - Amiens (80) (FR)
2020-03-07IDS - Perigueux (24) (FR)
2020-03-06Vilniaus pavasaris'2020 (LT)
2020-02-29Krajská výstava psů - Lysa nad Labem (CZ)
2020-02-28Exposición nacional - Valladolid (ES)
2020-02-28Exposición Internacional - Valladolid (ES)
2020-02-23 CACIB Celje (SI)
2020-02-22CACIB - Celje (SI)

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