2022-03-27 - Esposizione Nazionale Canina - Bologna

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Judge:Maurizio Baria (IT)
Show date:27/03/2022
Submitted by:23011086
Submitted on:27/04/2022
Working class
 1. Drogon the Black Diamond dalla Promenade (MIX: Saarloos? Mutara?)excellentCAC
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Ursa Major Salto del LupoexcellentBest Junior, Youth Winner
 2. Rhodesya Salto del Lupoexcellentres. Youth Winner
Open class
 1. Sky full of Stars Salto del LupoexcellentBOB, Best Female, CAC
Veteran class
 1. Athena Shadow of the Phoenix -Shadow of the Phoenix- (MIX: REG! AWD!)excellentBest Veteran