2022-01-29 - Raduno CLC - Lugo

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Judge:Leoš Jančík (CZ)
Show date:29/01/2022
Submitted by:23011086
Submitted on:29/01/2022
Baby (3-6 months)
 1. Glock Pack (MIX: Mutara?) Polar Bearwolf Knutvery promissingBest Baby
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Adaggio Vlčí mýtus (MIX: Mutara?)promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Cappuccetto Rosso e (MIX: Mutara?) HollywoodexcellentBest Junior, Youth Winner
 2. Tanaki Passo del Lupo (MIX: Mutara?)excellentres. Youth Winner
 3. Hurricane dei Serlupi (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 4. Captain Nicadual -Old Greygun-excellent
 . Cassio Casa di Arcibaldo (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 . Ayak -priv. De Paolis- (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 . Custom Legend -Old Greygun-very good
 . Cappuccetto Rosso e (_?) Icaro Burning Imuvery good
Middle class
 1. Silver Bullet Salto del Lupoexcellent
Open class
 1. Arimminum (_?) Zar ArtùexcellentBOS, Best Male, CAC
 2. Captain Cook ATW -priv. Benetti- (_?)excellentres. CAC
 3. Arimminum (MIX: Saarloos? Mutara?) Caileanvery good
Working class
 1. Leon EzechielelupoexcellentCAC
 2. Drogon the Black Diamond dalla Promenade (MIX: Saarloos? Mutara?)very good
 3. -Akeom- Little piece of Heavenvery good
Champion class
 1. Camaro lo Spirito del Lupoexcellent
 2. Cappuccetto Rosso e Falcor Aresvery good
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Talika Passo del Lupo (MIX: Mutara?)excellentYouth Winner
 2. Cleopatra Casa di Arcibaldo (MIX: Mutara?)excellentres. Youth Winner
 3. Wyrmfoe Moria l'Aurora del Lupo (MIX: Saarloos?)very good
 4. Beja -Gaius Lupus-very good
Middle class
 1. Wendy Wolf Lupi di Montemorello (MIX: Saarloos? Mutara?)excellentres. CAC
 2. Sky full of Stars Salto del Lupoexcellent
 3. Arimminum (_?) Everestexcellent
 4. Beth Skyler -Loyal Lupus- (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 . Tsunami dell'Irco (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
Open class
 1. Rea Raiju Lupi del MontaleexcellentBOB, Best Female, CAC
 2. Arimminum (_?) Zemirah Black Diamondexcellent
 3. Arimminum (_?) Zalika Lunaexcellent
 4. Kora dei Lupi di Gubbioexcellent
 . Arimminum (MIX: Mutara?) Vanille l'Esprit du Loupexcellent
Working class
 1. Glock Pack (_?) Dharma Wyfexcellent
 2. Idylle Adaline Salto del Lupovery good
 3. Aki No Ame DMC Furia dei Lupi di Gubbiovery good
 4. Gothica Lupi del Baldovery good
Champion class
 2. Pawnee Lupi Si Nasceexcellent
 3. Arimminum (MIX: Mutara?) Yasmeenexcellent
 . Phoenix Passo del Lupo (MIX: Mutara?)excellent