2019-05-25 - Internationale Rashondententoonstelling 'OSS' - Den Bosch

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Judge:Francesco Cochetti (IT)
Show date:25/05/2019
Submitted by:23011086
Submitted on:12/08/2019
Middle class
 1. Helaku the Wolf I. Lord of LasvegasexcellentBOS, CAC, CACIB
Open class
 1. Maki des Feux d'Or (MIX: Saarloos!)excellentres. CAC, res. CACIB
Champion class
 1. Baldur Tonda vom Elli-Rudelexcellent
Open class
 1. Nimeria des Feux d'Or (MIX: Saarloos!)excellentBOB, CAC, CACIB