2016-06-26 - Mostra Speciale CLC - Udine

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Judge:Giulio Bezzecchi (IT)
Show date:26/06/2016
Submitted by:23011086
Submitted on:03/07/2016
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Blow Vladimir Draculya -del Lupo Dee Visse-very promissing
 2. Albus Larson -priv. Benetti- (_?)very promissing
 3. Ignis Daemon Athanòr Lupusvery promissing
 4. The Ending Of Hell Wolves (MIX: Mutara?) R Dunevery promissing
 . Borislav Bogdan -del Lupo Dee Visse-very promissing
 . Arimminum Cairodisqualification
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Even Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)very good
 2. Arimminum (MIX: AWD? Mutara?) Yrkan Shahzadvery good
Middle class
 1. Luke -priv. Roscioli-excellent
 2. -Glock Pack- (_?) Arn Ariansonexcellent
 3. O'Ink di Maggio Italiaexcellent
 4. Argo di Ta.Os -di Ta.Os-very good
Open class
 1. Ronny -priv. Luhm- (MIX: Mutara?)excellentBOS, Best Male
 2. Dinamo Miami -Lupi del Baldo- (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 3. Aixen z Bačovej svorky (MIX: Saarloos?)excellent
 . Belion -I Lupi delle Alpi- (MIX: REG! Mutara!)disqualification
Working class
 1. Xenon Lupi del Montaleexcellent
 2. Arimminum (MIX: AWD? Mutara?) Silexcellent
 3. Bolthorncino -della Favola del Lupo-very good
Champion class
 1. Fenix -del Lupo Dee Visse- (MIX: Saarloos?)excellent
 2. Ainur -della Favola del Lupo- (MIX: Saarloos?)excellent
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Africa Twin -priv. Benetti- (_?)very promissingBest Puppy
 2. Bella Vladimir Madaleine -del Lupo Dee Visse-very promissing
 3. Bianca Vladimir Charlotte -del Lupo Dee Visse-very promissing
 4. Allegramia Taiga -priv. Benetti- (_?)very promissing
 . Cleopatra-Selene-Bea -del Lupo Dee Visse- (MIX: Saarloos?)very promissing
 . Estrella Elite Ely -del Lupo Dee Visse- (MIX: Saarloos?)very promissing
 . Eve z Molu Es (_?)very promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Exha -I Lupi delle Alpi- (MIX: REG! Mutara!)very good
Middle class
 1. Clelia Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellentCAC
 2. Emiko Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
 3. Athanòr Lupus Gran Torinoexcellent
 4. Scarlett Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
 . -Glock Pack- (_?) Algida Keikovery good
 . Bodhi Dharma -della Favola del Lupo-very good
Open class
 1. Diana Amarcord -Lupi del Baldo- (MIX: Mutara?)excellentres. CAC
 2. Astarte -della Favola del Lupo- (MIX: Saarloos?)excellent
Working class
 1. Baby Nymeria -della Favola del Lupo-excellent
 2. Anbeta z Rudého Údolí (_?)excellent
 3. Olly della Vittoria Alataexcellent
 4. Amber -della Favola del Lupo- (MIX: Saarloos?)excellent
 . Foresta Incantata (MIX: Mutara?) Galathilionexcellent
 . Selvaggia Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
Champion class
 1. Athena Shadow of the Phoenix -Shadow of the Phoenix- (MIX: REG! AWD!)excellentBOB, BOG, Best Female
 2. Arya Stark della Favola del Lupo -della Favola del Lupo- (MIX: Saarloos?)excellent
Veteran class
 1. Breezewolf -Lupi di Montemorello-excellentBest Veteran