2016-03-20 - Raduno del CLC - Reggio Emilia

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Judge:Boris Špoljarić (HR)
Monika Soukupová (CZ)
Show date:20/03/2016
Submitted by:23011086
Submitted on:03/04/2016
Baby (3-6 months)
 1. Icky Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)very promissing
 2. Lesath Leeroy Olim Palus Malý Bysterecvery promissing
 3. -Glock Pack- (MIX: Mutara?) Caos de Caracasvery promissing
 4. Arimminum (MIX: Mutara?) Artic Newtonvery promissing
 . Anthrax Wolf dal Campo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)very promissing
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Argo Jago Siluc -priv. Cassiani- (MIX: Saarloos?)very promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Benjamin Wolf is life (MIX: Saarloos?)excellent
 2. Aegon Targaryen Tratto dal Lupoexcellent
 4. Akira Stark -priv. Calevro-excellent
 . Cazan -Lupi della Valle del Diavolo- (MIX: AWD? Mutara?)???
 . -Glock Pack- (_?) Arn Ariansonvery good
Middle class
 1. Zero Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellentBOS, Best Male, CAC
 2. Dinamo Miami -Lupi del Baldo- (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 3. Arimminum (MIX: AWD? Mutara?) Silexcellent
 4. Over the Moon dell'Irco Sortiere (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 . Antares -priv. Calevro-excellent
 . Anubi -priv. Mosti- (MIX: REG!)very good
Open class
 1. Jassper Malý Bysterecexcellentres. CAC
 2. Brisu' -Lupi della Valle del Diavolo- (MIX: AWD? Mutara?)excellent
 3. Ognyan Montale Girios dvasiaexcellent
 4. Tre Quatri di Luna Tatooexcellent
 . Erwin z Katusického dvora (_?)excellent
 . Ares -del Parco Naturale- (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
 . Edward -Spirito Libero- (MIX: Saarloos?)very good
Working class
 1. Haki Srdcerváč (_?)excellentCAC
 2. Xenon Lupi del Montaleexcellentres. CAC
Champion class
 1. Ezra si Nasce Lupi del Montaleexcellent
 2. Budulínek z Molu Es (_?)excellent
 3. Parker Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
 4. Foresta Incantata (MIX: Mutara?) Boromirexcellent
 . Loki Passo del Lupo (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 . Mozart Olim Palusexcellent
Baby (3-6 months)
 1. Arimminum Bagheeravery promissingBest Puppy
 2. Arimminum (MIX: Mutara?) Akuna Mathaivery promissing
 3. Artik Girls dal Campo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)very promissing
 4. Zyta Wolf -priv. Lorenzoni-very promissing
 . The Ending Of Hell Wolves (MIX: Mutara?) Rumbavery promissing
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Celine Lupo dell'Aspro (MIX: Mutara?)very promissingBest Puppy
 2. Amazing Grace Siluc -priv. Cassiani- (MIX: Saarloos?)very promissing
 3. Arimminum (MIX: AWD? Mutara?) Yukonvery promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Clelia Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
 2. -Glock Pack- (_?) Algida Keikoexcellent
 3. Fiona Lucky of Lukava (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 4. Emiko Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
 . Nice Wolf Lupi di Montemorello (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 . Mirach -Lupimax-very good
 . Fly Lakewolf (MIX: AWD? Mutara?)very good
Middle class
 1. Selvaggia Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellentCAC
 2. Diana Amarcord -Lupi del Baldo- (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 3. Shakira Olim Palusexcellent
Open class
 1. Angel-Ariel l'Amico del Lupoexcellentres. CAC
 2. Quixa Passo del Lupo (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 3. Psiche Olim Palusexcellent
 4. Agata Magic Wolf -Magic Wolf-excellent
 . Nashira Olim Paulus Zlatá Palzexcellent
 . Amelia -del Parco Naturale- (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
Working class
 1. Antea z Brzozowej smugiexcellentCAC
 2. Taiki -Lupi del Montale-excellentres. CAC
 3. Amber -della Favola del Lupo- (MIX: Saarloos?)very good
 . Foresta Incantata (MIX: Mutara?) Galathilion???
Champion class
 1. Planka Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellentBOB, Best Female
 2. Follia dei Lupi di Gubbioexcellent
Veteran class
 1. Breezewolf -Lupi di Montemorello-excellent