2015-12-20 - Esposizione Internazionale Canina - Verona

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Judge:Walter Residori (IT)
Show date:20/12/2015
Submitted by:23011086
Submitted on:21/12/2015
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Beaver Island -il Charisma del Lupo-very promissingBest Puppy
 2. Arimminum Vlk Siriusvery promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Buakaw Por Pramuk Lupi Si Nasce (_?)excellentBest Junior
 2. Zyon dei Grigi Audaciexcellent
 3. Bolthorncino -della Favola del Lupo-excellent
 4. -Glock Pack- (_?) Arn Ariansonexcellent
 . Zero Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
 . O'Ink di Maggio Italiaexcellent
 . Camazotz Dio Vampiro -priv. Zoratti- (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 . -Glock Pack- (MIX: Mutara?) Biturbo Gundamexcellent
 . A'inukshuk -Alba del Lupo- (MIX: AWD? Mutara?)excellent
 . Cherokee dei Grigi Audaci (MIX: REG! Saarloos?)very good
 . Even Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)very good
Middle class
 1. Axel Duncan -priv. Rovelli- (MIX: Mutara! REG! Saarloos?)excellent
 2. Parker Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
 . Dinamo Miami -Lupi del Baldo- (MIX: Mutara?)very good
 . Erwin z Katusického dvora (_?)very good
Open class
 1. Navajo -lo Spirito del Lupo-excellentCAC, res. CACIB
 2. Black Forest -il Sentiero del Lupo-excellentres. CAC
 3. Fenix -del Lupo Dee Visse- (MIX: Saarloos?)excellent
Working class
 1. Oliver della Vittoria AlataexcellentCAC
Champion class
 1. Ezra si Nasce Lupi del MontaleexcellentBOB, Best Male, CAC, CACIB
Puppy (6-9 months)
 1. Uluru Tala -priv. Garilli- (MIX: Mutara?)very promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Big Layla Alì Lupi Si Nasce (_?)excellent
 2. -Glock Pack- (MIX: Mutara?) Bee Bee Hatzumonoexcellent
 3. Anahita Lupi Si Nasceexcellent
 4. Belize Lupi Si Nasce (_?)excellent
 . -Glock Pack- (_?) Algida Keikoexcellent
 . Narantuya Wolf Lupi di Montemorello (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
 . Cykada Spiderwolfexcellent
 . Giada Lupi del Montaleexcellent
 . Itaca -Lupifelix-excellent
 . Ichiko -Lupifelix-excellent
 . Selvaggia Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent
Middle class
 1. Andromeda -priv. D'Erchia- (MIX: AWD? Mutara?)excellentres. CAC
 2. Diana Amarcord -Lupi del Baldo- (MIX: Mutara?)excellent
Open class
 1. Planka Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellentBOS, Best Female, CAC, CACIB
 2. Kinley Mavis -priv. Angilella-Kytýrová- (_?)excellent
 3. Quelia -del Lupo Dee Visse-excellent
 4. Arimminum (MIX: AWD? Mutara?) Fairy Talevery good
Working class
 1. Ile-au-Trésor of Liberty Wind (MIX: Mutara?)excellentCAC
 2. Athena Shadow of the Phoenix -Shadow of the Phoenix- (MIX: REG! AWD!)excellentres. CAC
Champion class
 1. Chanel Passo del Lupo (MIX: REG! Mutara!)excellent