2015-12-06 - Internationale Rassehundausstellung - Kassel

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Judge:Jochen Eberhard (DE)
Show date:06/12/2015
Submitted by:yukidomari
Submitted on:06/12/2015
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Dalibor Remus z Molu Es (_?)excellentYouth Winner
Middle class
 1. Gin Tonic vom Dreiburgenblickexcellentres. CAC, res. CACIB
 2. Anuk Atius Tirawavery good
Open class
 1. Dark Shadow the Wolf I. Lord of Lasvegasvery good
Champion class
 1. Keoma vom Westerwälder BergexcellentBOB, Best Male, CAC, CACIB
 2. Caspar vom Dreiburgenblickexcellentres. CAC
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Melisa Black sea Wolfdog (MIX: Saarloos!)excellentBest Junior
 2. Łojma II z Peronówkivery good
Middle class
 2. Itake Vieno kraujovery good
Open class
 1. Edda vom Dreiburgenblick (MIX: Saarloos?)excellentres. CAC, res. CACIB
 2. Atari-Willow Wolf of Mystikavery good
Working class
 1. Dobrica vom DreiburgenblickexcellentBOS, Best Female, CAC, CACIB