2015-09-13 - Exposition Canine Nationale - Port-des-Barques

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Judge:Raymond Soulat (FR)
Show date:13/09/2015
Submitted by:23011086
Submitted on:22/10/2015
Open class
 1. Ikha├» Loki -priv. Fouillouse- (MIX: Saarloos!)excellentBOB, CACS
Open class
 1. Halloween Yr Lycan o Myrdhin (MIX: REG! Saarloos! Mutara?)excellentBOS, CACS
 2. Imagine the Moon of Powerful's Tribe (MIX: Saarloos! AWD?)excellent
 3. Illusion-Chrystal van De Rib Of Wolf (MIX: AWD! Saarloos!)excellent
 4. Inka Diabolika -priv. Fouillouse- (MIX: Saarloos!)excellent