2014-11-15 - GENEVE

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Judge:Hans Erhard Grüttner (DE)
Show date:15/11/2014
Submitted by:mon ptitloup
Submitted on:17/11/2014
Middle class
 1. Over the Top Olim Palus (_?)excellentBOS, CAC, CACIB
Open class
 1. Gadi von Keschlaexcellentres. CACIB
Champion class
 1. Idefix vom WengerhofexcellentCAC
Puppy (6-9 months)
 2. Ayasha Atius Tirawavery promissing
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Fiyuna vom DreiburgenblickexcellentYouth Winner
Open class
 1. Carlotta vom Dreiburgenblickexcellentres. CACIB
 2. Alice Lucky of Lukava (MIX: Mutara?)excellentres. CAC
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