2014-03-29 - Nationale Rassehunde- Ausstellung - Berlin

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Judge:Wilfried Peper (DE)
Show date:29/03/2014
Submitted by:Rybka
Submitted on:31/03/2014
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Dalajlama WaawanyankaexcellentBest Male, CAC
 2. Can the Wolf I. Lord of Lasvegasvery good
Open class
 1. Ben the Wolf I. Lord of Lasvegasexcellent
Youth class (9-18 months)
 1. Utha von Königs-Terry (MIX: AWD! Saarloos?)very good
Middle class
 1. Błyskotka Bellatrix Wilk z baśniexcellentBOB, Best Female, CAC, District Winner, VDH-ChA
 2. Beyzanur z Molu Es (_?)very good
 . D'Lady Grey Diamond???
Open class
 1. Boojaheela WaawanyankaexcellentVDH-ChA
 2. Enigma Grey Střípek snůexcellent
 3. Dobrica vom Dreiburgenblickvery good
 4. Alpha Lobin de la Torrevery good
 5. Bonita the Wolf I. Lady of Lasvegasvery good