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Default spleen

Hi all.

My male Ben z Polonin 2 years ago ( at the age of 10) had his spleen removed because of cancer.

This year my female ( and Bens littermate now 12 years old Brita z Polonin also had to have her spleen removed.
She reacted very well during the op. the assisting vet, an expert as for narcose, said that she never before had seen a canine so stabile, when a large organ was removed.
The spleen wasn't sent to a patologist, as the vets were absolutely sure, that the cancer was benign.

She then about 40 days later developed something that looked liked an extra puppy feeding vart, directly in the operation scar.

At first I wasn´t worried. I also wasn´t sure, that it had been there sice the operation.
When I observed it, I thought, that the vets had had to sort of drag her skin together and that the vart actually therefore was a misplaced puppy feeding vart.

One morning I observed that Brita during the night had been licking the "misplaced vart", and that there was a wee bee of blod on her stomack.
I took her to the vet and the vart was removed surcically.

3 weeks later on a Saturday morning my house looked like a slaugterhouse.
There was blod everywhere. Blod was dripping from my dogs abdomen, one huge drop pr. second.

I rushed her to the vet, another "vart" was sewn up, not removed.
Penicillin was adminstered, a compress was laid, and she went home.
Everything OK as for the rest of Saturday.

The next norning was an even worse nightmare.

My dog had overnight worn an Elizabetham collar and a compress on her abdomen. Blood was actually now running through her compress in a stedy stream from her abdomen.

She was very week.
Off to the vet, that had the sundy guard- this vet operated om my dog for two hours to stop the abdominal seeping blood.

She lost so much blod, that the red blod cells in the end was down to 16%
Blodtransfusion etc.
Long story ( not ended)

Any experience with cancer of the spleen in CSW's?


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