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Įvairūs Apie viską, kas susiję su CSV

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Default CSV statistic

Hi Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs lovers worldwide !

The CSV statistic tool is online, this can be viewed as a "statistic plugin" for the great wolfdog.org.

The description page is here: http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco...m/csvstat.html (direct to the tool: http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco...gi-bin/form.py)

Unfortunately I no longer have time for forums, for contact info please refer to the contact information on the description page.

Hope this will help people, long and healthy live to all your dogs !



PS: please can the moderator translate ?
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Elf, thanks for Your work great idea.
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Hi all, thanks for support !

Feel free to take a look from time to time to the description page as I add features (hopefully) periodically. Last important adds about the coefficient of inbreeding calculation:

"- Note: you can see two different parts for the Coefficient of inbreeding calculation, the first uses the formula: Sum (1/2)^n1+n2+1 (formula used by wolfdog.org) which suppose common ancestors have a COI=0% (which is not true most of the cases => the coefficient is under estimated) ; the second uses the complete formula: Sum (1/2)^n1+n2+1 * (1+Fa), this one takes in account the COI of common ancestors (better, but still a bit under estimated: Fa obtained from 8 generations with 3 converging passes. However, the result is now acceptably accurate.)."

One exemple of changes:

Hathor Crying Wolf: Wright's coefficent on 5 generations: 19.43359375%, becomes with complete formula: 26.2852315791%

As you can see the difference between results can be huge, so I encourage breeders to use the complete formula.

(BTW: Saarloos lovers, I added same statistic engine site for the Saarloos breed (link on the description page)... interesting to compare the formation of these two breeds).

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Posts gathering:

Added "CZ breeding groups" feature in the Stat tool, let me know if it's working properly. You can also use + feature between IDs to simulate a mating.


Akim z Revíru vlku
Akim z Revíru vlku + Arielle la Seven Loup Cie


Here is what can help, I added "Breeding groups" to the tool, basically it search in a dog pedigree (or planned mating) the presence of another dog (and its %).

Let say I want to know if Cett Malý Bysterec has Amur z Dáblova kanonu in it's pedigree, I find both dog ID with Find ID, then in "Enter dog ID:" I enter the ID of Cett Malý Bysterec (6382) and in "ID to check in pedigree: " the ID of Amur z Dáblova kanonu (796) It gives: http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco...d_to_check=796

=> Amur z Dáblova kanonu is not in Cett Malý Bysterec pedigree

Check for Káj z Rosíkova CS in Cett Malý Bysterec pedigree: http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco...d_to_check=929

=> Káj z Rosíkova CS is in Cett Malý Bysterec pedigree, and we see how.

Check for Dinon Dánon Fehérlófia in Oliver Passo del Lupo pedigree: http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco..._to_check=1043

NB: we can also use the + operator to check for a mating, for exemple does Cutt ---dell Irco Sortiere--- (3584) would be in pedigree of Furcas z Peronówki (781 + Orion Eden severu (796, I enter 7818+7968 in Enter dog ID and 3584 in ID to check in pedigree: http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco..._to_check=3584

Does Cita z Doušova dvora would be in pedigree of Furcas z Peronówki + Orion Eden severu : http://www.amicale-chien-loup-tcheco...d_to_check=924

And so on...
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