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Default Music therapy for dogs?

In a recent thread, people were laughing at the idea of playing classical music for puppies. It is a well-known fact that classical music can have good effects on the brains of human babies, and of course, music/sounds can have physiological and physical effects on humans of any age...but I like to think our brains are a little different than our dogs (I am pretty sure my wolfdogs are smarter than me at many points in the day).

Ironically tonight, I was watching a dog training show on TV - and the trainer used this to help calm 3 anxious Great Danes:

I laughed...and could only wonder - would this music calm the "savage" wolfdog - or help to produce a more balanced puppy?

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I really don't know what is The Truth about this

But I know that in several zoo's, animal shelters, clinics and so on, they did make tests with all kind of music. as "general background sounds".
And the best results they did see with calm and classical music.

That is also the reason that on more and more places (with more animals together) you can hear calm or classical background music.
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I wouldn't be surprised if it would be shown that the rhythm and vibrations of a music have well-described effect, that would not be affected by the conscious apprehension of the music. So it would work on both humans and animals, and event plants maybe. Music is physics, so why shouldn't it?
(Sasa Zahradnikova)
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