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Originally Posted by mijke View Post

(For males they use only castration for females two methods are used: ovario-hysterectomie (OVH – everything is deleted) and ovari-ectomie (OVE - the uterus is not deleted)
Both is a castration. Castration simply means the reproductive glands are removed.
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Originally Posted by michaelundinaeichhorn View Post
Both is a castration. Castration simply means the reproductive glands are removed.
They also use another method, but I did not know the right terms for it!
They only cut the connetction, maybe you can understand what I mean!
Vriendelijke groeten,

PS: I am not a moderator anymore!!
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Hi, I am the secretary of the Tamaskan Dog Register
I think some people have the wrong idea about the Tamaskan so I thought I would post to explain our breed.

The Tamaskan Dog has no wolf content, we like the Czech wolfdogs and we have a few Tamaskan owners who have Czech wolfdogs too and they notice the differences, our two breeds are nothing alike and that is ok.

We do not wish to add any Czech Wolfdog to our breed as we do not want to alter our temprement or change our type.

Last year a few unhappy people started a new breed called Aatu Tamaskan, but so far they only have pure Tamaskan Dogs. All other breeders refused to sell to them as they are bad people and it is these breeders who are now asking to use your Czech wolfdogs at stud.

Because they cannot get puppies from anywhere else they have emailed almost all Czech and Sarloose breeders and even Utonagan and NI breeders, it seems they do not care where they buy their dogs from, they just want the dogs for breeding, they do not research the lines and try to find the best dog for health and type, they are just emailing everyone.

Please know these people are inexperianced and are not part of the real Tamaskan Dog group.

All our dogs right back to the foundation dogs are DNA profiled.
We are not seeking recognition by any kennel club at the moment as the breed so still so young, we want to be well established before we go for kennel club recognition so you will not find information about us from any kc as we have not spoken to them yet and will not for a good many years.

I hope you will not dislike the real Tamaskan dog because of what the Aatu breeders are doing, if you have any questions then you can email me.

Thank you for your time
Jennie Peacock
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Thanks for the support from you're site Jennie.

You gave a good picture about what is going on, that's why I told what was on here.
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