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Living with a CzW.... Stories as forewarnings for future owners.... everything about the character of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

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Sorry if I have not read the whole thread as it seemed at some points to descend into rather too opinionated arguement for my concentration to deal with.

Anyhow from the parts of the thread I have read I would like to add something.

The original question of how many people raise their dogs outside I doubt could be correctly answered in this forum as they may be shot down from their first post & never want to post another comment. I can however tell you this; that the most obedient dog I ever had as my companion lived outdoors for the first 5 years of her life. The second five years she was a home dweller. The change at 5 years was caused by a change in my lifestyle & location. For the first five years of her life I was not allowed to being her inside so it was through personal choice to have her as a young puppy but the condition of living outdoors was given to us.

& so I can tell you only that she was perfect with children, would come all around the country with me with no lead & perfect manners. Despite being deaf she won a dog show for obedience & was something of a role model to other dog owners to be quite honest. Her training was very positive & I am sure her acute deafness helped us in many ways to strengthen our bond.

The other dogs that lived with her during these outside years I could also take into the country or city & play guitar in the street where they would wait the day with no lead by my side.

The second five years, nothing changed in her behaviour when she lived inside. She was impeccably behaved always clean & much loved by all who met her.

I do not like to see such opinionated arguements about dogs. For everything that we know is after all only an opinion. The particular dog I refer too is a collie, but I have no doubt that if I had raised Apogee my CSV in the same way the results would be similar. & as anyone that knows me can testify to have a dog that lives outside does not need to inhibit the bond you have in any way. That is something that entirely depends on the relationship between you & your dog & the love & effort that is put it.

Good luck with your dog!
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