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Default Mating of carriers in Slovakia

English translation thanks to Greyfarer FCI (https://www.facebook.com/groups/greyfarerFCI/)

Statement of committee meeting related to mating permission, which took place in the village of Bela-Nižné Kamence (Slovakia) on 10/08/2016.
Considering the debate on Facebook about certain mating permissions published by the breeding committee, it was decided by the club to release this statement and precaution.
Declaration of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog breeders club of Slovak Republic:
When choosing a breeding pair in a managed breeding plan, the breeding committee considers lineage as well as other factors, including hereditary diseases. Dogs in breeding pairs should be in combinations as to avoid mating of two individuals carrying the same hereditary disease. In free breeding, the breeding pairs are selected by the breeder and the breeding committee in this case has only consultative role. Based on the Breeding Regulations it may refuse the breeding of too-highly related individuals. But the committee had no authority to reject the mating of two individuals who carry the same hereditary disease when the breeder insists, despite warnings about possible risks.
The purpose of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog breeders club of Slovak republic and the breeding committee of the Club is to develop the breed in keeping with the standards and ethics of breeding. Therefore, the breeding committee suggested and the club committee approved an emergency arrangement: in both controlled and free breeding, the combination of breeding pairs should only proceed when the pairing avoids the birth of individuals affected by known and testable hereditary disease. Additionally, the Committee of club distances themselves from the decision of breeders using the free breeding institution to combine two carriers of the same hereditary disease despite risk warnings.
Emergency arrangement!
The health and well-being of every dog must be a primary concern of every breeder. It is necessary to support responsible breeding based on the principles of genetics, prevention of hereditary diseases and providing a loving environment!
Although there are not currently a genetic testing requirements for disorders of genes causing diseases like Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Pituitary Dwarfism (DW) and other diseases in Czechoslovakian wolfdog breeding, more and more dog owners voluntarily have their dogs tested because the test result is quite important information for the health of the future offspring of a breeding pair. Responsible breeders should always give accurate information in promoting materials, and do not disparage slander other breeders or other dogs and avoid providing false or exaggerated claims that are not rooted in fact. The breeding of purebred dogs brings with it certain obligations and liabilities that responsible breeders should not take lightly.
The results of genetic tests are not published or publicly available without the consent of the breeders and only serve for the proper selection and combination of breeding pairs and performance statistics. Of course the owner is informed about the result and personally deals with handling the test results. However, not all breeders are acting responsibly and there are often misleading claims including hiding results. Therefore, the breeding committee and head breeding advisor decided to propose an precaution valid in both controlled and free breeding.
The Breeding committee and head breeding advisor have decided that the threat of conception and birth of puppies carrying the homozygous form of gene defects of evidently inherited disease that severely damages the health and well-being of affected animals is unacceptable. The head breeding advisor and breeding committee will refuse to give a recommendation to the mating of two individuals who carry such a genetic disorder of the same gene. In case that one of the parent pair is not tested for a particular disease, the other of the pair must have the parental genetic test result with N / N "free", or clean - the absence of the gene malfunction.
Each breeder should do his best to fulfill the objectives and mission of club. The mission and goals of the club requires that every breeder should fulfill them to the best of his knowledge and belief. Breeding must take place in accordance with the rules and regulations of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), SKJ (Slovak kynology union) and Czechoslovakian wolfdog breeders club. It must be in accordance with the animal protection laws in Slovakia, the veterinary service law and the other related laws and regulations. A Breeder should represent the name of the club, so to differentiate themselves from non-pedigree breeders and properly represent the breed.
Owners should not knowingly use dog or bitch for breeding, if they bear visible or known exterior, genetic or behavioral deficiencies that could have a negative effect on the offspring or the breed as a whole. Breeders should not knowingly produce a sick puppy. Producing offspring from individuals with congenital disorders or terminally ill individuals is in stark contrast with the ethics of breeding. Each breeding connection has to be planned with the primary aim of improving the breed.

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