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Health and nutrition How to feed a Wolfdog, information about dog food, how to vaccinate and what to do if the dog gets ill....

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Hi everyone,

It has been quite some time since I last checked the forums here and since I came up with a thread that I think I have offer some help from my onw experience, I decided to post.

I am the proud, happy and any other adjective you can add of Tristan, (Zoro Lugar do Poco). He is now 4 yrs old. When he was a puppy was diagnosed with giardia. Unfortunately it took us some months to figure out what was wrong with him, and througout this time the ppor fellow had constant diarheas. Sometimes even with blood. We had tried every form of food to fit his intestines. Not one did the trick. Once he was treated and the parasite extinguished, we were advised that the inestines of the dog, would most probably be damaged, and never to return to normal conditions, as such we had to be very careful with his food. We were told to find prebiotics and probiotics to support his digestive function. Although we tried all brands of dry food claiming to contain those ingredients, none did have perfect results. So i googled and found a US company offering a product that saved him! I do not want to make an adverstisement here, however if someone wants to know the name can pm me. It is a powder that you put in the dog's food. That's it. It took of course some 2 yrs of daily treatment without any medications, and now the dog can eat everything and anything from raw food to cooked homemade food and dry food without any signs of diarhea. He is very heathly and we enjoy his company every day.

Keep in mind that this treatment had very good resutls for our dog and I cannot promise that it will have the same on any other dog. I am just letting you know that we went from:" ...I am sorry but the dog cannot eat anything other than cooked meat and cannot exceed 35-38kgs" from the vets to " Now he can eat everything and weighs 45kg".

I have stoped giving it to him on a daily basis for almost a year now and i only give it to him once every two weeks as a supplement to support his intestnal function.

As a supplement can help a lot i think in any case of irritated digestion, even during periods of food change etc.

Glad to be of any help.

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