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Originally Posted by hanninadina View Post
if you are not able to recognize a cross wolfdog, so you do not really know the csw breed.
daiva is obligated to judge every dog which has fci pedigree. even if you bring a hippopotamus corresponding to standard, maximum what she can do is to give "good"
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Oh Honybunny,

and I have thought you are a jurist? Without proof, it is only empty bla, bla......
Oh Lord, cast brain from the heaven!

It is always the same with you......

Bei allem immer viel Spaß wünschen:
Der Franke mit der besten Freundin von allen und Bragi, Sohn Odins und dessen Gemahlin Freya und dessen Tochter Ayla :-)
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I think we are going out of thread enough right?
New one for this special and *new* argument?

Originally Posted by wolfin View Post
with me 180 cm he are little crying "omega" like You say
Hey!! we all know you dont have to be tall and big to be ALFA..wolf or human or anything in between!
Oliver & Lunatica
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Hmmmm, it looks World show 2010 never hapenned.....
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I not see on Wolfdog result but I be in Wold Dog Show and see wolfdogs and it was nothing.No nice dogs - much less than normal dogs show here. Very much bad judgement - judge has no knowledge. Know nothing of Wolfdogs. I see many dogs from Italy with good quality, many from France - very much bad quality. More worst are only dog from Czech. Really like fat shephards.
In male junior best Wolfdog was on last place - dog from Finland. Most nice and good one. But judge not liked good dogs. On 2 place put dog from France with short legs and much much long. First is dog from Italy. Normal but not nice like Arsenic.
Intermedia class with only one dog from Italia - Aragorn. Not much good because in look like dog. Zero of Wolf.
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Open class is very bad quality. First place dog CARDHU from France with very much big ears and dog look. Zero Wolf. Second Czambor from Czech - another shaphard with very much long coat. Very much strange dog -not a real wolfdog for me. In place 3 is Xtreme from Czech. Really not much male in look. Best dog was on last places. Divo for me bit strong but much better quality than other 3 first dogs. Best dog was with no place - DEMONIAK DIAMOND. Good look but run must be better by wolfdog.
In work class only one dog UDINI I not like. Big dog withg very much small head and very much short legs. Not harmonius. Not much nice.
Champion was only good class for me. Big Wakan I not like because not move like wolf and not look like wolf. But much like dog. Not good wolfdog for me. But I like very much Olcan. Very much good body and mnuch good in run. For me best of males. Ezechile is nice too and with Olcan for me was only good male in walk and look. Place 4 is dog from France and like all france dog with big ears and dog in look. Zero Wolf. Other dogs is West - normal. On photos i see lot wolf but in real very much normal. Last is Uno and like all czech dog i see there is like shephard. Very much heavy.

In femals quality and judgement is also not good. In junior vclass first is France dog with same problem like bad body with short legs and shephard run. Second female is tragedy - is form Finland WOLFSIRIUS ONLY ONE with run like dysplasia dog. Very much bad run. But i asked breeders and they tell me is normal because is of father and it is dysplasia dog with many puppies with dysplasia run. I see database and see not results.
This class for me best dog was last and is Pandora from Holland breeder. Only female with normal look and run.
Intermedia class female is most bad quality I see. First place is female like male shephard from Czech. Gigant ears with no color. Not look like female - is like male. And very much bad sherphard in run. I really see no good dog from Czech here. Only shepohard. Othrer femals fron France is not good wolfdog too because on 2 place is DOXANNE with big ears and shopherd run too. Best dog of this class is also on last place and is Damaska form fRance. Not wolf but better like other female in this class.
Open class is only class with good females. and only class of show with good judgement. First is ESTHER from Italia with good body and run. Second is BE CRAZY SAFIRA - more male but nice too. Next 3 place is best Czech dog i see in Wolrd Dgo Show - WOLFISH WITCH Z MOLU ES. But with short leg and sheohard run too. Next in 4 place is CORAIL from France. Same problem with much short legs and very much long. ANd much spehard run. Last place is Italia female GIUDITTA PASSO DEL LUPO - not much wolf but of normal look.
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In work class two femals from Italia with same problems - is very much too long body and very much short leg. With much bad run of shaphard. First is Fiona.
In champion class first is France female BAIKA DU DOMAINE DE LA COMBE NOIRE. Very much bad quality because gigant ears big like head. And zero wolf. Like all france dogs. Second is Alud - not very top quality. Normal but not wolf. Only good female for me is place 3 and is ASHANTI. Much nice walk. Next 4 place is Asha and KRIMHILDE - normal butr not wolf.
See World show in Wolfdog was loose of time becasue dogs very very much bad quality. I want see nice dogs I read on Internet but I see only many shephgard with big ears and very much bad body with very much short legs and very much long. With running like shephard. Much worst quality was dog from Czech and France. And judge was spephard judge too because he not like good dogs - he give good last place and for first place he take dog with gigant ears and run of shaphard. I understand when people write that world winner are sometimes lowest quality dogs because i see with my eyes than in World dog show judge judge with no knowledge of Wolfdog. Very much bad experience for me.
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