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Default Velvet revolution question

Disclaimer: (Many forums I frequent have a tendency to turn any topic (even ones like "What is 1+1?") into a huge political battle - I'd prefer that this didn't happen here, I'm mainly looking for historical facts).

One of my "side" hobbies is making websites (for fun). Aside from dog breed sites I've also obtained some domains for historical related sites. Luckily one of the domains is 1989 based (the time when most of the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain "fell"). This includes many "revolutions" around the world (mostly in eastern Europe).

I'm working on November and December of 1989 (oddly, for the dates to show up correctly I have to do them backwards) and a question has come up about the Velvet revolution - and what better place to ask about this than on a vlcak forum!

On November 28, the Communist party announced that they will give up their monopoly on power in Czechoslovakia. They also announced (?) that they would have elections in December, 1989.

I can't find when the elections happened but it was announced that Václav Haval was the winnder on December 29, 1989.

Right now my question is - were the elections also held on December 29 (and the results announced on the same day) or were they held on an earlier date (and was given a few days to count the ballots)?
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