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Default Lupo Italiano

First it was long time i was active on this forum, glad to see its up and running good.

I looked up and didnt find any topic where Lupo Italiano is mentioned and i think that breed deserve to be mentioned so lets say something about that breed.

I know not so many things, breed is made by mating GSD and wolf, interesting thing is wolf here, its now extinct Italian wolf, much darker in color so Lupo Italiano can easily pass as some working line of GSD... Its also actively used as service dog, and that is something all wolfdogs are meant to do when they were created (CsW made by military and many others similiar projects) but most of them are not suitable to be service dogs and as we see army and police dogs are still mostly GSD, malinois..

Lupo Italiano is protected by Italian government, not available to "normal" people (i guess who looking can always find a way, not so legal but who cares ) and their number is under 1000, to be more precise around 600... They are strictly controlled...

Most other dog breeds can be googled and found enough information about them but there is not so much info about this breed, maybe its cause Italian government have strict control over it, dont know but i would like to know more about them, so if anyone here knows something feel free to share
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