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Thumbs down Please sign this petition - Czechoslovakian Vlcak are not "hybrids!"

Where ever you live in the world, we could use your voice & and your signature. It matters!

Can you please make a stand and sign this petition?

This owner will lose his FCI-pedigree purebred Czechoslovakian Vlcak because the city of Lincoln, Nebraska (USA) believes that the entire breed is entirely composed of hybrid individuals. The pedigree was presented to animal control, to which the officials take the stand that the pedigree confirms for a fact that the dog is the result of multi-generational hybrid - forever.

http://www.change.org/petitions/judith-a-halstead-let-alex-kaftan-keep-his-dog?share_id=InhhPeKNPd&utm_campaign=share_button_ chat&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

Thanks in advance for your support!
"Learn to do well; seek judgment."

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you beat me to it

Can I add this is a matter of urgency as I believe he has a deadline of.... Tomorrow!!!

I wish more people understood purebreeds!! Let alone it should always be deed not breed
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Signed - also working on a document / testimony with the CSVCA showing that vlcaks are NOT wolfdogs (I have a rather unique perspective since I've had a lot of experience with vlcaks and wolfdogs).
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