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Living with a CzW.... Stories as forewarnings for future owners.... everything about the character of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

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Gypsy Wolf
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You can try putting canned crushed pineapple in her food - it makes the resulting poo taste terrible. Poo-eating is pretty common - imagine, the pups saw that their mother ate their poo to keep the nest clean, so pups often adopt same habit. Also many wild canids NORMALLY eat the poo of their prey animals (deer, etc.) and domestic dogs typically enjoy snacking on sheep, goose, cat poo, among other species' poo... current theory says that there are digestible proteins and necessary bacteria that the dog can smell in the poo, so they "self-medicate" by eating it.
Aside from the pineapple trick, you just need to prevent her from eating poo she finds - re-directing her attention to you and rewarding her attention with a "high-value" treat like a bit of cheese or sausage. It takes 6-10 weeks to stop a bad habit, and if there is regression, you are back to square one.
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Hello saschia, thanks for the advice! I made a new seperal post with the same issue ("poop eating") thats why the delay, i was checking only that..
For now, i do try preventing it, if not success then distracting, and then "Don't!" (but no further punishment) and praise her if she listens. I still wait for the vet's pills (food supplements) to do their job or prove it is a habbit or attention seeking. I am not sure but i thing there is a progress judging by the fact that she still want to eat them but like it is a routine and not with so much excitement like the first days.. i hope it is true.
In general she is reacting extremely well for a 3 months old puppy ( i guess she learns fast by copying my other adult dog) in basic commands (eye contact hearing her name,"don't", sit, come), but: i say "dont" for something (eating poo, jumb on the table etc)and she listens, then "bravo" for listening and she then repeats the bad behaviour which caused me to say "dont" at the very first place, like she thinks that the bad behavior is part of the same procedure with the final reward for listening to "dont"!.. Maybe i must try not saying "bravo" when she listens to "dont"! (its confusing me because rewarding the understanding of "no" or "dont" worked with the other dog!)
As about the diarrhea i was lucky because she just needed one more "round" of de worming pills, and it was not something more serious and now she is very normal.
That's all for now!
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Hi Dimitris, I saw the other thread and saw people answering you there, so its ok. I like Lunasmom's notion that the pup may be seeking important nutrints that are just not present in food or supplements. Look at all supplements and see what they provide, and try to find out what they don't provide. With diarrhea it is important to remember that not only is the stool bad, but actually puppy is loosing a lot of things not only from what it ate just now, but also from it's body. So it takes some time after diarrhea stops to get back to normal. Also normal intestinal flora needs to return - during diarrheas lot of time the good bacteria die and bad increase. So giving food with some live bacteria may be also good. Of course, if the puppy is otherwise healthy it can reestablish the good flora by itself (and actually by eating poop too, as there are always some good ones).

Anyway, good luck with teaching. Maybe if pup repeats the don't thing, give stronger don't and wait longer for bravo. But give bravo if she behaves, because that is the important part. Just the delay must be longer so that she knows you are rewarding her for actually not doing what she wanted to do.
(Sasa Zahradnikova)
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