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Upbringing & character How to care for a puppy, how to socialize it, the most common problems with CzW, how to solve them....

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Originally Posted by nobrezabranca View Post
and about the problems of selling an older dog,none has answered me to this question!
Well, in my opinion there is no "too old" age, I have no problem getting an older dog from a breeder or an owner I know who has treated, socialized, and trained the dog well.

We have many fosters pass through our house, none less than 6 months old yet, and I have good faith that they will adapt to their new homes just like they adapted to my home. It's true they may take a bit longer to become friends with their new owners than a puppy, having already had an old family whom they may remember well, but still, not a huge problem. A dog has an infinite capability to love and a great wish to be accepted.
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