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Hi Fernando, I loved your videos, especially the pool video

There are abandoned and even more mistreated dogs... so it's always nice to see the love for dogs, moreover in this difficult breed. This is an healthy enthusiasm, don't you think Vaiva?
Maybe create a separate section for dog presentations and move mine and fernando's topic.

About the problem. I have the opposite problem - too much confidence. She is 7 months and never had fear of anything.
Try to reward with food and a calm stroke when he doesn't show fear. Never value fear, ignore it. It's also important that you react as nothing happened. When there's some strong noise I go out of the house in the direction of the noise and reward my dog if she comes too. She sees if I remain like all is normal then there's no reason for fear.
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Originally Posted by fernando View Post
Really love this video

I like to do this to, but my dad say he´s pool is not Wolfdog safe
So I will need to build one that is that here at my kennel in the future

But we have a lake neare by that we can go swim in
Vlcak´s just LOVE water !!!

All of the best / Mikael
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Byron's first year

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