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Gypsy Wolf
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Default Luna's first heat season (estrus)

Hi all,
So Luna is in heat - her first one - at 16 months old. Reviewing anecdotal information, apparently a first heat is often a "test run" - the female doesn't actually ovulate (release eggs). It seems to me most female vlcaks go into estrus fall/winter, and it is spring, so that also reinforces to me that it isn't a "true" heat.
My older male Malinois is not interested in her at all - another indicator to me that this heat is "anovulatory" - he is VERY good about knowing the "right time" for a female to be receptive and bred.
I am guessing she will likely come into a "full" heat in the fall/winter this year (though it would only be about 6 months away - proper timing for a "dog" but usually vlcaks go 12 months) - though I don't really know - it may be something that is controlled by daylight hours (like our chickens laying eggs)? Is there anyone else living in such a location close to the equator? And if so, what is their experience? As far as I know, we are the southern-most vlcaks in the U.S. so I am wondering if (and how much) this affects the heat cycle of the breed...
I am documenting everything and supplementing with Tyrosine - not sure if it will make a difference, but it is nice to collect the information for future reference...
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