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I miss her licking my face, so that I'll get out of bed, when the alarm clock sounds or should sound.

I miss dancing around on the floor, and I even miss my own cheerful suggestions that she jumped unto my bed so not to have her interested nose sniffing my private parts, when I dressed after the morning shower.

I miss us in the morning going down the stairs, and my own stepping aside, so that she could have the broadest part of the stairs.

I miss my own tapping of the the garden tables, to make her jump up for the grooms, she so much loved.
I miss letting her superfluous underwool fur fly all over the neigborhood, while grooming, and so spreading her Byvantic treated wool and wonderful genes all over.
I miss all the birds, that came to collect her fur, that was brushed off her. I knew, that the waste of her Byvantic treated fur would make the birds nests safe as for lice, tics and other insects.

I miss her lying underneath the dinner room table, staring at me and trying to hypnotize me to stop eating and hand her the leftovers.

I miss her stepping at her food bowl, to make me fill it.

I miss her alternately and gently nose punching me, one of my jackets in the wardrobe, or a dog lease, to inform me, that it yet was dire time for an another walk.

I miss telling her to get off my bed or to at least lay so, that there also would be space for me.
I miss telling her " I'm off for work, look after the house". I miss her sad face at this message, and wonder if I in any could have had to tell her so, less often.

I miss her welcome back home totally frantic behaviour, her jumping up to lick my face etc. As her teeth were stronger than mine it cost me an uppermouth front tooth, still I miss her frantic with love welcomes.

I miss her lying on the kitchen floor, while I´m sawing tendons off a huge part of say beef. Or having her lying there
watching me make dinner or having her pick up the parts thatI spilled on the floor.
I miss having to keep my platter in my hand, while I walk around to turn off the radios and turn on the TV.

I miss giving her special goodies.
I miss the excitement she had, when she got a "goodie".
I actually now miss my own anger and irritation, when she just ran out into the garden to dig down a very special and perhaps expensive goodie. Or if the garden doors were closed buried underneaths say some laundry.

I look at the huge left over bags with special and often rather expensive goodies, that I didn´t let her have just because of my irritation, and I cry.
She on the very day she died, found much pleasure in digging them down; why was I so mean not to let her do it to with the whole lot?
Now, when I´m dogless, I actually ought to give them to other dogs, but I still can't give anything she loved to others.

I miss our morning walks, she never couldt wait for them, so I as a rule just took some skiing outfit on top of my PJ and leashed her.
I miss her early morning thorough smelling of the ground outside my house and smelling the air to find out what happened since last night, and if cats or strange dogs during the night or morning had treshpassed her territory .

I miss talking to her. She understood most everything I said. Even at the age of 5 weeks, she understood it, when I to some neighbors said, that already I had placed her dinner in a bowl in the kitchen. She sped inside the house towards her dinner, and all the humans present just stared bewildered at each other.

I miss relaxing and lying in the sofa with her, with her head in my lap, scratching her sides, head and ears, while we together watched say an English crime movie on TV, and as arule shared a bag of roasted peanuts.

I miss her lying in the lobby on the top of the cellar staris, expecting a goodie like say a frozen piece of calf bone, when I came back upstairs after having picked something up in the downstair freezer.

I miss the sweetest most loving and brightest creature that ever was.

Dear Pavel, please just don't cross her name out right now, I couldn't bear to see that.
When I shut off my lights and turn off the radios and TV, she still is around.
I loved and still love this canine to pieces.

I cannot yet have her crossed out and forgotten with one of those very cold and efficient red crosses

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