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Dear Darkwolf thanks a lot for your reply.

Yes, this new type of collar appears to be much less annoying to a canine, than the old Elizabethian collar.
Thanks. I'll search the Internet for where to buy it.

My Brita received 90 ml. of live dog blod and a blod test done a week later shoved, that her percentage of red blod cells now had rised from 16 to 27.
Then I started calculating.

90 ml is about or a little less than one dl and as a canine this size holds at least about 4 liters of blod, I swiftly calculated that it would be at most about 2.5 %.

A rise from 16 to 27 % therefore indicates that my dogs own blodproduction actually was boosted and reinstaded by the blodtransfusion.
Still the number of her white blod cells are much too high.
They should be down to 6 but are still around 40.

Right now we have a daily appointment at the vets. Brita evry day gets a subcutaneus injetion of penniciline and an intramuscular injection of prednisone.

Brita is vary scared of all sorts of machines and silvery looking instruments. The vets had to shave her foreleg in order to obtain the blodsamples, and we had to press her down to the operation table.
Then totally humiliated she started crying just like a human child would.
Tears actually streamed from both eyes when she had to give her struggle for freedom and dignity up.

I have been owned and trained by a quite a lot of different breeds of canines before before these czw┬┤s.
None of them ever shed a tear.
Any exeperience?


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