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The Norwegian banning of the CSV is based on the date of the first breeding. Against the advice of experts the Ministry of Justice says that the CSV must be concidered more unpredictable compared to SW. For time beeing the SW is "quarrantined" but the Ministry may change its opinion at any time.

The Scandinavian situation is the following: The Norwegian Kennel Club is approving both of the wolf dog breeds, but the Government is only accepting the SW.

In Sweden the Government is accepting both breeds, but the Swedish Kennel Klub will not accept the breeds to be registered.An unoffical statement from the Director of the Board of the SKK, this descission was mostly based on the resistance of the members of the Swedish "Anti Wolf Comunity"..

The next year the Norwegians will select their New Government . Hopefully this will change the situation. The Norwegian Kennel Klub is protesting and regreting the Ministrys decission based on non qualified advisors.

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