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En voor Zweden geldt;

Conditions for keeping hybrids of wild species

In Sweden, there is also a prohibition against keeping crossbreeds between dogs and wild canines such as wolves or dingoes, as well as crossbreeds between cats and wild felines. Examples of such hybrids, sometimes thought of as breeds, is the wolf hybrid Saarlos Wolfhund and the feline hybrids Bengal, Savannah and Chausie. "Hybrid" here refers to offspring in the first until the fourth generation after crossbreeding between the wild species and the domestic dog or cat.
This means that you must not keep or import a dog that is first, second, third or fourth generation offspring of a domestic dog or cat that has mated with a wild species. The crossbreeding is noted in the animalĀ“s pedigree, and you can count the number of generations there. If the crossbreeding is in the fifth generation or further back, the animal may be kept in Sweden.
Information import of dogs and cats

Dus ook daar geen verbod op de TSW
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