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Default I dont understand why...

I do not understand and agree! Why i cant speak about what i want about Csw on a forum for Csw ? Its up to me!And if i stand for what im speaking about so i do not think someoneelse can not tell me what to say or not even if people always have all kind of comments.

Csw is not a big breed there is not many how knows about the breed and is it not at a forum official or not you can speak about your problems?Especially IF you not can find answer your questions were you should and have tried!
And i think its good that this kind of problems comes oute why hinde in the shadow if you realy care about something?Maby you can find someone how have thesame problem for example or other people do not have to do desame misstake that you did!Is there someting to hide?I do not think so because if you treat other with respekt you get respekt and if you dont you maby here some talk about it!
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