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Sorry, Mikael, it is(!) a thing between you and Satu, as Suski already wrote. It is a mess that you are pointing it out here in the forum. As Suski wrote, is not an official csw side! You can find it in italy there there are all datas official in internet to see.

So, if I am interested to get a dog for breeding or whatever, I get an impression here. But, if I don´t know the persons and their dogs I will go further and look for official papers and if I don´t understand the language I will translate if I think it is sooo improtant for me!

Satu thinks that her dogs are all free of hd and healthy. So it is her opinion. No one could be save that all his dogs are free of any kind of illness. It is an animal, it is nature. And sometimes things happens which we don´t can see in advance.

You are a beginner in the world of csw. So as a beginner you have to inform yourself. Normally one goes to the breeder and looks at his kennel and of course the dogs. And than goes to another breeder for having some comparison. Or if you don´t do that you are satiesfyd with the first one. But you can not blame people if things happen which are for you so important but not for the breeder. I don´t know if it is allowed to breed in Finland with csw without official HD-results. It seems to me, but you will tell me how it is. I know that in italy you only need papers for csw and you can do what you want. No bonitation, no HD-results, no show results. The big and good breeders will have of course all. But there are so many black sheeps.

So if it not necessaey to have official HD-result, it is your own work to ask if Satu had offcial had result. You wrote by yourself that you did not ask that for! Satu knew from first HD lok which Suski did, that there will be no hd. And for her it was enough.

So please it is a thing between you, maybe if some other puppy buyer has problems, for them, but it nothing for us all!

You did read her here there are breeders who breed with male csw who does not have bonitation and are not allowed to breed. These points are main points but not what you are talking about. Still today there are no official hd-results from these two litters from Sleeping and what for are you complaning for in this moment?

And by the way you did not answer my eMail from a few weeks ago either!

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