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Default No Hd result yet?

I was the owner of one pupp from this combination also after Wolfsirius Sleeping storm but Tabeernakkelin Jelenie had to put to sleep because illness with stomac short time after i had her.
I also belived in Satus word after visiting her before decide to buy a dog from her she said "No HD on my dogs" and i cant read Finish so i did not askt to see any paper on that i could not read it anyway and the trouth is comming out in the end anyway but then the dog are allready paid and loved with or withoute Hd but still i have in my mind i paid for a dog after no Hd parents but did i only got foled?One dead dog and also foled!

This angry and sad diskussion is realy shows that Satu have no good answer to this and what kind of breeder is that?
And she blame the dog owner if she can when she should support instead. When my pup was sick i did all wrong she said and when she talkt to the vet how treat the pup the vet did all wrong and Satu never do anyting wrong!

Where are the rest of this dog owners with dogs after Sleeping storm in this diskussion?What are they thinking about this?

Jelenie In memeory!
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