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Originally Posted by Vaiva View Post
Well, no, it is not just between them, guess all CZW owners and breeders are interested about things like this happening in various kennels. So the question is "does the dog have an official x-ray results or not?" And the answer is still missig...
The answer you can se here by Suski from another topic...

Mikael; the dog i think you are speaking about is x-rayed, and x-rays is here by me, (still) even the dog is not owned by me. Vet took the x-rays , and we didn't send it to kennelclub...
/ Suski
And as Satu say that is the only x-ray photo there is of Sleeping Storm !!! She has NO official x-ray result !!!

Finish Kennel Club also say Sleeping Storm has NO official x-ray result !!!

I do not know way Satu did use this HD result as official here on as she do not answer either me or Fkk !!! And I do not think she has answer Margo about it neither or any other puppy buyer...

Sad but true / Mikael
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