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Originally Posted by *Satu View Post
yes you can do what you want...

You can ask thous x-ray photos from Suski but i think she doesn´t help you.

And you can cry also that I have sold many dog whitout money at all...

Every breeder can say own price. That can be 0-100000e if they want.
Hronsek is HD clear whitout any fat.

Can you read you dog pedigree there is many dogs whitout any official healtyresults.
It is not about the price, its about that you did sell puppy’s from A/A parents, but you did not have a official HD result on Sleeping Storm at ALL. And I demand to get what I did pay you fore…

It is called FALSE MARKETING and is ILLEGAL in Finland and probably in EU to !!!

It is also ILLEGAL to use unofficial HD result on pure-bred by Fkk and FCI !!!

You are a member of Fkk and FCI, or are you not ???

YOUR ANSWER IS THAT YOU WILL NOT GET THE OFFICIAL X-RAY ON SLEEPING STORM ??? Even if you did sell 13 puppy’s as coming from a A/A female !!!

I guess this say all about you and your kennel !!!

And way would I ask Suski about the x-ray on your dog ??? She has nothing to do whit that you did sell puppies on whit Sleeping Storm as A/A, THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM NOT HER´S !!!

/ Mikael
*Hronec, Rasty, Zilja * Kennel, Wolfdog of Sweden*

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