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Exclamation Taabernakkelin Kennel

To swedish specialist: from Satu at Taabernakkelin.
I did not say I was a specialist, I only ask for the official HD result on Sleeping Storm, as you did sell 13 CsV puppy’s here on whit the HD result A/A, but you do in fact not have a official x-ray at all, I have ask you about this in your e-mail box many many times now, but NO answer !!! And way do you not answer to me, Margo or the Fkk about it ???

Sorry. In my ebox I don´t have any emails from you.
You last email in my box is 2008-06-23 23:16.
Very strange as you did answer my last e-mails
And I have all answers in my mail box…
But you did not wont to answer on the tree last e-mail !!!



e-mail from Mikael to Taabernakkelin kennel


I do not se this as a complicated question,
either you have official HD results on Sleeping Storm or not ???

Either way I demand an answer !!!

If you do not answer me by Monday, I will have to call Fkk my self
and ask way her result is missing in there database.

Regards / Mikael
About Sleeping Storms X-rays photos you have answer from Suski.

Yes, but Suski did not sell or lay about the HD result to any puppy buyers, YOU DID !!!
And YOU had the false results here on as you did sell your pappy’s !!!
Margo can confirm this info !!! as she did later change the result from A/A to X on Sleeping Storms after she did receive e-mails from at least 3 puppy buyers, and double check the info whit Fkk !!!

You have taken contact to fin kennelclub and next time when you take
contact there again, you can ask about imported dogs eye results where
they are....
I did talk to Fkk yesterday about your non reply tactic, but way would I ask about the eye tests ???
Is there something wrong whit Sleeping Storms eyes ???

About your complaning. You ask 100% money back from me. If I pay 100% money back ,dog is mine...But you have thinking that before you request?
My request is that you get official HD result on Sleeping Storm !!!
And if she has bad hips, I will demand ALL money back, but only if !!!
As I did buy a dog from A/A parents for 2400 Euro that is what I wont !!!
But NO you will newer get the dog back !!!

You have nice purebreed dog which had been absolutely too fat in young
age.( you have judgement)
Now you get childish as you always get when you are in trouble !!!
My two vets did say he was perfect at that age, and the show judges like very skinny unhealthy dogs.
But you all can judge here : Is he fat or not ???

I think you dog is also healthy ( not any bad healthy problems)

I do hope he his !!! but I will do his HD x-ray when he is 24 month as the vet recommends, but this is not about his hips, its about that you did sell 13 pup’s to about 10 buyers that did believe that Sleeping Storm was A/A, and now we do not know if she is ??? maybe she is C/C or D/D ??? WE DEMAND A OFFICIAL HD RESULT !!!

So good luck for your future breeding!
Thanks, and you can help me by get Sleeping Storms HD result on the pedigree, as it is now missing !!!

Regards / Mikael

*Hronec, Rasty, Zilja * Kennel, Wolfdog of Sweden*

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