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To swedish specialist:

Sorry. In my ebox I donĀ“t have any emails from you.

You last email in my box is 2008-06-23 23:16.

You had have my address and phone number also....

About Sleeping Storms X-rays photos you have answer from Suski.

You have taken contact to fin kennelclub and next time when you take
contact there again, you can ask about imported dogs eye results where
they are....

About your complaning. You ask 100% money back from me. If I pay 100%
money back ,dog is mine...But you have thinking that before you request?
You have nice purebreed dog which had been absolutely too fat in young
age.( you have judgement)

I think you dog is also healthy ( not any bad healthy problems)

epilepsy, testicle problems or agressivity problems?

So good luck for your future breeding!

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