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Originally Posted by michaelundinaeichhorn View Post
No, it is quite rare in CSW as far as I oversee it. But the most cases I have seen have been in German SHs. It normally is a desease of older dogs.
What can be a reason for a ruptured spleen is a hematoma, in a dog as lively as a CSW this can happen. You need histology to be sure. If it is genetic nobody knows as far as I am informed.

Hi Ina,

Thanks a lot for your answer
The dogs was quit old as far as I can understand, I just thought it was a bit strange that it happened to two siblings and even more now when you say that it is rare in CSW, but maybe it is just a coincedence ?
I don`t know anything else about the dogs in question.
What is hemetoma ?

Greetings Rolf
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