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Originally Posted by jennyw1 View Post
What du you think?Its my living i a appartment a problem?Must i have a house with a big back yard?
No you don´t. I have two wolfdogs in appartement as well, and it´s o.k. We are both working and when we are not at home, the dogs sleep.

But you have to be prepared, that to get to this point (wolfdog happily sleeping at home), it takes months of training and a lot of patience.
CSW puppy is destructive beast, will chew on anything, break in anywhere, steal your socks, clothes, shoes, utensils and destroy them.. It will pick up the trash and drive you crazy. This will last from when you get the puppy till at least 6 months of age, the breaking and calming point is around 1 year (at least it was for us).
Having the dog outside, when you are not at home, is probably somewhat easier, especially if you have kennel where the dog can´t break anything.

CSW when alone, will howl, till it learns to be alone, so decide what your neighbours will think. Even if you say the dog would never be alone, you have to teach him to be able to stay alone. It is normal course of life that people go to cinema, shopping, work and the dog has to be o.k. with such events. "Alone" means also alone together with another dog or cat etc.

However, the big plus of having the wolfdog in appartement is that you actually spend more time together, the dog gets better socialised, gets more walks (people tend to be lazy, if the dog has garden) and generally has closer relationship with its master.

Generally, I know many people who have CSW in appartement and they do not have problems at all. It is important that the dog gets enough excersise outside - at least 2h walk every day, plus some small ones. Then it does not matter, if it spends rest of time in the appartement, or kennel or garden. For CSW matters most, if it can spend the time with you, no matter where.

You will probably get a lot of messages, where people will say it is cruel to have CSW in appartement or even impossible, however it is not true. Just because they never tried or never managed to teach their dog manners, it does not mean it cannot be done.
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