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Default Can i have a Cesko in a appartment?

I can give a home to a Ceskoslovensko vlajk were the dog not need to be alone the dog will be with me most of the time.
I walks for 3 hours at least /day and lives for the dog (and my cats) no children.

A little bit obedience training but i realy want this healty dog in the first place its importent helty body and mind!
For haiking in the nature and hard kondition training.

Have not found what i m searching for in other dogs until i herad aboute Wolfdogs and Cesko.

Have had Belgian shepherd and Am staffordshire terreier and a Germany sheepherd/Alaskan malamute.
I m educaded as a animal keeper so i can work in a zoo for example.

What du you think?Its my living i a appartment a problem?Must i have a house with a big back yard?
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