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Default Dog show training


We went to a dog show a week ago, it was our second dog show... When the judge tried to touch my dog on the back of his head, he turned and snapped into the air.. I was showing teeth on my dog, so I have no idea why he wanted to put his hand behind the head of my dog, but anyway he disqualified us.

Many people saw it and said that the judge was bad and it was his fault... However I want to make sure this doesn't happen again! I want my dog to allow anyone to touch him, as long as I'm there..

He's generally really good and not shy, but a bit reserved (he always seeks out people, but only wants to be petted by a few of them). We go to dog show training and there has never been any problems there...

I was nervous and excited when going into the ring (can't help it!), which I think is why he reacted as he did, since he don't when training for dog shows..

Does anyone have any ideas?
Has anyone had good luck teaching their dogs this?
Only positive training methods!!

I really want to teach him this, not only for dog shows but in general. He just turned two years, and is truly fantastic...

Thanks in advance! :-)
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