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Default Adding information to


And here you can:

- Įdėk nuotrauką:

- Pridėk parodos rezultatus:

- įdėk naują vadą:


- Pridėk šunį (or change information about a dog which is already listed in the database)
Breeders do not need to fill out the form for every puppy - it is enough to send us data with information about the WHOLE litter in one email to [email protected]

- Pridėk savininką (or change information about an owner who is already listed in the database)

- Pridėk veisėją (or change information about a breeder who is already listed in the database)

- add the main photo in the database card
Upload the photo to gallery and write as description "Photo for the database" (or something like this)...

BUT for the gallery we need photos like this one:

or this one:

We will not add photos of eyes, ears and heads only what some people try us to send... Sure if there is no other photo of a dog I will also add only the photo of the head TILL I get the photo of whole body...
So even if someone has nice photo of the head it will be replaced with maybe not so great photo but showing the WHOLE BODY of the dog...
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