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Originally Posted by WolfWhistle View Post
You already know that the Swedish Kennel Club have no regulations at all when it comes to CsV, health and breeding... You don't have to do a hip X-ray and the don,t give a s**t if the dogs have D or A hips..

Right now I'm working on a long letter SKK to make them change the regulations (mainly for SWH) and if you are interested to be a part of "that fight" please send me a mail. It's possible to make a difference here if you are stubborn enought .

Hello Ninni

In my papers it ses maximum C whit A, C to B forbiden.

But that is not Skk rouls it is Swedish Working Dog Clubs rouls (Svenska bruks hunds klubben) As I understand thats the rouls to folow for CsV.

Skk makes show dog rouls, but as thay told me it is up to the clubs to make own roles fore show dog, as X-ray exams. But all working dog must do it.

But yes we can fight Skk togheter, I contact you in private.

Regars / Mikael
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