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Default Has your wolfdog been on a TV show or in the movies?

As you can tell from my wignature I run a site for dog actors (similar to IMDB but for dogs).

If your pup has been in a TV show or in a movie feel free to shoot me a PM if you don't mind your dog on the site.

What I'll need:
A picture of the pup on the set or a screenshot of him/her in action.
The name of the TV show (and episode) or movie.
Who is credited in relatin to the animals (trainer, wrangler etc.)
The actual breed of the dog (vlcak, wolfdog hybrid, saarloos, a real wolf, etc..)?

Optional information:
The wolfdog's name and the owner's name (and the animal acting agency?)
A few tidbits about the pup (did he do anything special- like the police canine in Police Academy 2? Or is he just a love-bug?)

Anyting else you think might be relevant to the experience.

Edit: Right now the target audience for the site is American (most of the traffic comes from the US & UK) but this does not mean I am not interested in international doggie stars.

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