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Originally Posted by *Satu View Post
First Mikael. You are not a breeder and then I waite real reasons why one puppy is deat.
Every breed haves quarantee in Skandinavian but outside everything is so different...

And This guestions in NOT anything about Jennys puppy.....
and my incurace company doesn´t have litter incuraces.

I realy do not wont to fight !!!

And no I am no CsV breeder but I have a CsV kennel, tanks fore asking by the way. But we also have Parson Jack Russel Terrier kennel whit are third litter on the way. and I have 25 yers of dog experience, but I do not se your point by telling / asking this.

And I know it is diferant down Europ but we live in Scandinavia, and are to folow Scandinavian Guaranties, thats way I tell you ask Finish kennel club.

Yes we wait forer the autopsy report, but I´m fairly sure it is not a hereditary disease. only a tragical insedent.

And I´m a proud owner of a Taabernakkelin dog, I only think it is not fair blaming Jenny, by say "if new puppyowner makes big mistakes?" Jenny got wery sad reading that and she already have a hard time.

So fore her please do not fight

Very Best Regards / Mikael
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