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And now finally there is CsV breed-specific PennHIP statistical laxity report:
As of August 2014, there are:

22 Czechoslovakian Vlcaks with PennHip worldwide.
Minimum (best) score: 0.20
Maximum (worst) score: 0.90
Mean: 0.36
Breakdown by percentile:
>75th percentile: 0.30
>60th percentile: 0.33
>50th percentile: 0.37
>25th percentile: 0.43

The recommendation of PennHIP regarding breeds with smaller populations is to breed from animals with scores better than the 50th percentile (better than 50% of the same breed), or with values of 0.30 or less.

Update: Average as of 10/2020 is 0.32
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