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Originally Posted by GalomyOak View Post
Our first set of PennHip results/comparisons. There are a few more, but I am waiting for results/permission from owners.

Anthea od Vlci Skaly
OFA: Excellent A1 (25 mos)
FCI: *
PENN: .23/.37, No DJD (15 mos)

Taabernakkelin Hronsek
OFA: Mild C (27 mos) Unilateral Left
PENN: 38/.39, No DJD (17 mos)

Wasabogoa Arimminum
OFA: Good A2
PENN: .21/.30 No DJD

Delan van Heimrod
OFA: *
PENN: .25/.19 No DJD

Piter (Panicucci)
OFA: Fair (B)
PENN: .26/.26 No DJD

Elsa Non Solo Lupo
OFA: Good A2
FCI: *
PENN: .20/.20 No DJD

Laika Non Solo Lupo
OFA: Good A2
FCI: *
PENN:; .28/.26 No DJD

Estia D'ell Olim Palus
OFA: Moderate D Unilateral Left
PENN: .41/.47 Moderate DJD Unilateral Left
Originally Posted by Pete View Post
Lapua Zlata-Palz
left .43 no DJD
right n/a due to cavitation no DJD.
acording to my pennhip vet if they felt the right hip were bad they would not have scored him. 70th percentile

Alaqua Whispering Wolf
left .33 no DJD
right .40 no DJD 80th percentile
Originally Posted by yukidomari View Post
Ilysia z Lasow Preczowskich (18 weeks)
OFFA: not available due to age
PennHIP: 0.44/0.46, No DJD

Wintermoon z Lasow Preczowskich (15 months)
OFFA: Preliminary Good, A-2
PennHIP: 0.26/0.26, No DJD

We will be repeating the scores at 24 months and up, and moving these scores onto
Originally Posted by yukidomari View Post
Along with the above 12 known scores here are two more scores (publicly available on breeders' sites):

Garm Braterstwo Wilczakow (17 months)
OFFA: not done
PennHIP: 0.30/0.24, No DJD

Asha z Dubnicanky
OFFA: Fair (B1)
PennHIP: 0.35/0.40, DJD ?
And the most latest score, posted for BigSkyMike (having problems with WD account):

Galomy Oak Big Sky (24 months)
OFFA: Good (A2)
PennHIP: 0.32/0.28, No DJD

On the report it indicates that there are not yet 20 CsV in the database.

So we assume from the last status update with 18 dogs + Sky now there are now 19 Czechoslovakian Vlcak worldwide in the PennHIP database. We only need 1 more to establish a breed-specific set of percentile data.

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