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Default Czechoslovakian Vlcak meet the breed booth at Eukanuba

I know it's been a very long time since I posting but I figured I'd let the community know that for the first time the Czechoslovakian Vlcak had their own meet the breed booth at the Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando, FL a few weeks ago.

I had a table (well, for 1/2 a day each day) last year but this year AKC was very nice and gave all the FSS breeds their own booth.

I got to talk to a lot of people about the breed and even though she wasn't the most social dog she never acted inappropriately - even kissed a couple of people early on and spent some time just lying in the booth area - people could see her but she didn't like all the strangers coming up to her.

The funny thing is that no one seemed to have a problem pronouncing "Czechoslovakian" but almost no one could pronounce "vlcak" (one person could but she cheated -she was from Czechoslovakia ).

Also, for those of you who were following him, Pongo / Pollux is doing extremely well in his forever home. His owner could not get the time off for the weekend - Pollux would have loved it (he is quite social). Hopefully they can come next year.
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