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Question Database & Repo permission

Hi to all,

my name is Lefteris, i am from greece, i own a CSV and i am a senior web developer. The thing is i do like the statistics tool functionality but i believe it needs more work in ease of use and i do not know python(the programming languahe its written, i know ruby, scala, php).

I am writing here without knowing if its proper, asking for a permission to grab the repository of code and rewritten and publish it in a url.

If you agree i will do it without knowing the time it will end because i work for living , it won't be commercial, it will be under open source license, it won't belong to me(i will write in license thats its use is controlled by but the code will be signed by me because of the personal work of course.

I know that another site have spawn i read it the forum and from what i saw there were reactions from members. I do not want to create a bad situations. In case the oppinions are negative i wont do it.

Thanks a lot and i am waiting for your responses.

p.s. I do believe the database in the repository is a little old in case i get a permission, i would like to know if there is a chance give a newer one??

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