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I said he had an epileptic insult! not that he has epilepsy .... but what ever the reason is he is no longer available as a stud dog.
I hope more people wil talk about this more openly.

He was examend by a vet (me and my colleague) , had a fysical exam and a complete blood work.
Al the exams shows no signs of an underlaying ilness at this moment.

there are no signs of trauma, and it is almost impossible that he ate something poisend. He was not of leah the last 36 hours and did not eat anything outside. He sleeps in my bedroom and on the bed if he wants, so maybe I am one of the owners that observes the first insult of their dog, while other owners would never see that their dog is epileptic and stil is going to use him/her for breeding.

I have had a dog with epilepsy so I think I know what to do and expect, hopefully other wolfdog owners know this also.
Groetjes judith
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